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    How To Use The FrameWorks E-frame


    1) Plug The Device Into Your Computer Using The Provided USB-C Cable (compatible with both mac and windows)

    2) Drag and Drop up to 2GB of videos or Photos onto the device 

    3) Play multiple files in sequence or loop a single file by loading in onto the device.

    Effortessly Update Videos by deleting old ones and adding new ones 




    How o Use The FrameWorks E-Case

    1) Search for the app mentioned in the manual on tyou app store

    2)Simply Put The Case You Orderd On Your Desired Mobile Phone

    3)Open the APP And Start Creating Your Theme, Add Text And Pictures, Edit Them Freely

    4)Click The Button In The Bottom To Synchronize And Upload To Your E-Case




    "I Love this brand, been shopping here since 2019 and they never fail to satisfy"


    "My orders arive on time everytime, fantastic service"


    "Life-changing! My digital frame has turned my home into a personal gallery. Easy setup, stunning display. Highly recommend"